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Availability & Bookings

The Aquapark is openBOOK NOW!!

Please use this online booking system for all dates in the future. You can check the opening times and available places available.

Please note that we cannot accept telephone calls for bookings in the future

We will only accept telephone calls for “on-the-day” bookings. If you wish to make an “on-the-day” booking, there may be availability, but you can check this by phoning us on 01733 351288.

This page contains all the essential info you need to pay & book for a single aquapark session,
purchase a family or a group ticket, and enjoy your aquapark sessions

Please note that if the minimum threshold for participants has not been met in a session, we may contact you to see if you would be able to come at a session with more participants.

Fenland Aquapark Ltd Pay & Book

To purchase a single participant or group session, please choose the type of Aquapark ticket you wish – “Individual”, “4-People” or “Group of 10+”. Then you will see a calendar. Choose your time, check the number of places available at that time, and complete the booking procedure below.

Or if there is a query, call Fenland Aquapark Ltd at Gildenburgh Water on 01733 351288, and pay by card. Here are our participant & group prices.

1. £23 per adult or under 18 participant.

2. £82 per group of 4 people (i.e. £20.50 per person).

3. £200 per group of 10 participants (i.e. £20 per person).

When you pay, you will receive a booking confirmation, and we will also. Please keep this safe (ideally on your phone). This is valid once for your aquapark booking.

Step 3. Carefully complete the fields and boxes in the applicable Aquapark Booking Form below. Please make sure you write down all of the participants’ names if you are making a group booking.

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